Air Conditioning That Works In Charlotte

Air Conditioning That Works In Charlotte

Given the comfort and well-being it can provide, air conditioning is a device whose purchase always involves some expectation. However, in some cases, this long-awaited moment can turn into the disappointment of an air conditioning company To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to analyze not only the price of the product but other factors that will directly influence its perfect functioning. Below are some tips for making the best choice.

Device Types

Which air conditioner model do you choose?

Now that you have a basic understanding of air conditioning power, let’s go to the models available on the market.


Split air conditioning works in both large and small environments. Much sought after for use in commercial environments.

This is a two-piece model, the condenser, which is outside the room and cools the air, and the evaporator, which is installed inside, responsible for releasing the cold air generated outside. Installation requires professional help as there is a need for a hole in the wall for the passage of the pipes.

Mini split

It follows the same model as Split, but the evaporator size is smaller, ideal for smaller, more compact environments, such as a business room or a bedroom.


Split air conditioning is the all powerful, very heavy and recommended for large businesses, supermarkets, businesses, shopping etc.

It is divided into 3 parts or more parts, two of which are internal (evaporative). It requires more attention on maintenance as pipeline cleaning is done in shorter times than other machines.

Window Air Conditioner

Prior to the technological advancement in the air-cooling market, many homeowners were already built thinking of the place to hold window air conditioners.

Air conditioning installation

Some are easy to install, others, such as laptops, do not require installation and others, only professional installation is possible.

Even if you do not understand much about installation technically, it is good to take note of some information, such as the 220 v electrical capacity that most machines have.

Avoid objects in front of the unit as much as possible, preventing normal air circulation (outlet and inlet), this compromises the efficiency of the air conditioning and you end up wasting energy.

One more thing, if you already find the price of the appliance a bit salty, be prepared to install it as costly as it is.

Tips for saving energy

– Give preference to automated devices that offer the timer option;

– The option Invert that has the most modern machines is essential if you do not want to be impacted with the electricity bill. Inverter technology decreases air conditioning compressor energy when there is no need to operate at high capacity. This intelligent system can cut electricity consumption by up to 60%;

– Avoid installing the device where there is sunshine;

– Do not force the appliance: if it goes out and takes a long time, turn it off, but if it will not be long before returning, keep it on. The air conditioner uses much more energy if it needs to go through the cooling process again;

– Perform preventive maintenance and keep the filters clean, this reduces their efficiency and does not overload the device, avoiding waste of electricity.

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