How much did the billy the kid photo sell for

How much was the reward for Billy the Kid?

It states “$5,000 reward for the capture, dead or alive, of one Wm. Wright, better known as Billy The Kid.”

Did Billy the Kid really get shot by Pat Garrett?

The infamous Old West outlaw was first arrested at 16. At the age of 18, he shot and killed a man during an altercation at an army camp in Arizona. At 21, he was killed — shot by sheriff Pat Garrett — and the man forever known as Billy the Kid was laid to rest in Fort Sumner, N.M.

Where was Billy the Kid photo taken?


Who is in the Billy the Kid croquet photo?

For years, the photograph above has been identified as Catherine McCarty Antrim, mother of Billy the Kid. The photograph was identified as such in the late 1930s by author Eugene Cunningham, who told collector Noah Rose that it was McCarty in order to obtain another photo from him.

Was Billy the Kid a good guy?

The Kid tried to square himself with his enemies and then later with the governor, but met with failure and betrayal. Fred Nolan, a notable Billy the Kid biographer and historian, would go on to say about the Kid in a TV documentary, “He was essentially a good person. Inside himself he wanted to be with the good guys.

Did Billy the Kid and Jesse James ever meet?

In late July, while having dinner in the Adobe Hotel in Hot Springs, he ran into Billy and a companion the Kid referred to as “Mr. Howard from Tennessee.” The Kid later told Hoyt that Mr. Howard was, in reality, Jesse James, who was in town visiting a boyhood friend from Missouri.

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Did Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett know each other?

The pair were once friends who gambled and drank together in Lincoln County, New Mexico. However, when Garrett was made sheriff the friendship ended and one of the most famous feuds of the American Old West began.

At what age did Billy the Kid die?

22 years (1859–1881)

Who really shot Billy the Kid?

Henry McCarty, who called himself William Bonney, and who was better known as “Billy the Kid,” was shot and killed 122 years ago by Sheriff Pat Garrett at Fort Sumner, New Mexico, for the murder of two deputies.

Was Billy the Kid shot in the back?

Bonney, Henry McCarty, Kid Antrim) was killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett back in 1881 and buried in Fort Sumner, N.M. But in 1950, a Texas man named “Brushy Bill” Roberts claimed that he was the real Billy the Kid and that someone else had been shot in his place.

Did Billy the Kid survive?

Hines told him a whopper of a tale: Billy the Kid had not been killed in New Mexico, but was alive and well and living in a town called Hico in Hamilton County, Texas, as one Ollie “Brushy Bill” Roberts.

Did Billy the Kid speak Spanish?

He was orphaned as a teen.

Henry quickly adapted to life in the rugged territory and became fluent in Spanish, but his sickly mother died of tuberculosis in 1874, leaving him an orphan at the age of just 14.

What kind of gun did Billy the Kid carry?

The one known tintype made of the Kid reveals his staple weapons of choice: a Winchester Model 1873 repeating carbine with a 20-inch barrel and 10-round capacity, and a Colt single-action revolver, probably capable of firing the same ammunition.

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Did Billy the Kid have children?

The first of their three children, Adelina, was born in January 1884. Luz was born in November 1890. Telesfor José was born in Fort Sumner on June 7, 1895—14 years after the Kid’s death.

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