How to select more than one photo

How do I select more than one photo at a time?

To select a group of photos located next to one another, click the first photo, then hold down the Shift key while you click the last photo. To select multiple photos that are not adjacent to one another, hold down the Command key as you click each photo.

How do you select multiple pictures on iPhone?

How to select multiple photos on an iPhone

  1. Start the Photos app. …
  2. Tap “Select” at the top right of the screen.
  3. Lightly tap each photo you want to select. …
  4. When you’re ready, tap the Share button (the box with an arrow coming out of it in the bottom-left corner) or Delete to take action on the selected photos.

How do you select multiple items at once?

Click the first file or folder you want to select. Hold down the Shift key, select the last file or folder, and then let go of the Shift key. Now hold down the Ctrl key and click any other file(s) or folder(s) you would like to add to those already selected.

How do I select multiple pictures to print?

You can print several smaller pictures on a single page.

  1. Press and hold the Ctrl key, and then click the pictures you want to print.
  2. Right-click any of the selected pictures, and then click Print.
  3. In the Print Pictures dialog box, select the picture size and number of copies.

How do you select multiple pictures on a keyboard?

How to select multiple files on Windows 10 from your desktop

  1. Single click the first file you wish to select.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and using your trackpad or external mouse, click on all the other files you wish to select one by one.
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How many photos can you airdrop at once?

However, it did succeed. I was able to transfer over 1,000 images using AirDrop. As I said, practicality is somewhat of a concern (since you cannot effectively use either device for the duration of the transfer), but for most everyday purposes, it seems AirDrop is a capable solution.

How do I select multiple photos in Imessage?

Send Multiple Photos via Messages

To start, on your iPhone, tap on the ‘Photos’ icon and choose from which album you want to select your photos from. Then, tap on ‘Edit’ on the upper right corner. Select all the photos that you want to send by tapping on the photos.

How do you select multiple photos on iPhone 11?

First, tap Select in the top right of the Photos app. In addition to tapping to choose individual pictures, you can press and drag to select multiple photos at once. Once selected, you can share, delete, or add to an album as you would with a single picture.

How do you select multiple photos on Instagram?

How to share multiple photos in one Instagram post

  1. From the home screen, hit the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the first image you want to add.
  3. Tap the Select multiple icon on the bottom right of the image.
  4. Tap on the additional images you want to add and tap an image again to deselect it. …
  5. Tap Next at the top of the screen as usual to edit your photos.

Can’t select multiple files with control key?

If, for some reason, in Windows File Explorer, you are unable to select multiple files or folders, either after using the Select All option from Organize Tab or Ctrl+A keyboard combo, then you may try this: 1] Open Folder Options, click on the Reset Folders button, restart your computer and see if it has helped.

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How do I drag multiple files?

Press and hold the Control Key (on the keyboard). While holding the Ctrl Key, select another file. Repeat step 2 until all the required files are selected. Note: It is important to keep the Ctrl Key pressed to ensure all files are highlighted.13 мая 2013 г.

How do you highlight multiple things?

To select items that are not next to each other, follow these steps:

  1. Select the first item that you want. For example, select some text.
  2. Press and hold CTRL.
  3. Select the next item that you want. Important Be sure to press and hold CTRL while you select the next item that you want to include in the selection.

How do I print multiple pictures in filename?

A quick way to do this is to use Microsoft Picture Manager. You can select the images you want then from the File menu select Print. Choose the Contact Sheet and it will place 35 images per page with file names. Other than that, you can insert them manually into Word or PowerPoint to have more control how to format it.

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