Where to take chinese visa photo

Does Walgreens do Chinese visa photos?

You can pick up your photo at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or Target near you. … So don’t worry about the Chinese visa photo requirement and start worrying about what you are going to do in China!

How do you take a picture for a Chinese visa?

Photo Specs

  1. Size: 33mm width and 48mm length.
  2. Color: Must be submitted in color showing true skin tones.
  3. Head size and position: The head must be between 15mm and 22mm wide. …
  4. Recency: Photo must be from the past 6 months. …
  5. Background: Solid, plain white, or light blue only.
  6. Smile: Neutral expression. …
  7. Eyes: Wide open.

Can I use a 2×2 photo for Chinese visa?

The size can be 2×2 inches or slightly smaller. Yes, 2×2 is preferred, as long as the head size meets the requirement. So please do not try to cut the photo to fit the small box on the visa application form.

Can you use Passport Photo for Chinese visa?

Applicants can upload a recent white color passport photo while filling in the visa application form online, or paste the photo on the paper application form. If the photo does not meet requirements, the application will not be processed by the Chinese Embassy and Consulates.

What is the best color to wear for passport photos?

Choose a White Background

Your passport photo background must be white or off white. If you want to make sure your photo is accepted with your application, stick to a white wall. People have had their applications returned because the background wasn’t white enough.

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Does Costco take Chinese visa photos?

Costco offers Chinese-visa-compliant photos. There are several Costcos throughout the state, particularly in the Kansas City and St. Louis metropolitan areas. If you are going through a visa agency, ask them for advice.

What is China Visa Photo size?

1. It must be a color photo with white background, taken recently within the last 6 months. 2. Photo size: 48mmx33mm, width of head: 15mm to 22mm, height of head: 28mm to 33mm.

Why should ears be visible in visa photo?

The purpose of the photo is to get your US Visa or US Immigration process achieved promptly. Just let your both ears shown, take off your earrings and no smiling.

What is 48mm by 33mm in inches?

Size of photo: 33mm x 48mm (3.3 x 4.8 cm).

What is the photo size for visa?

2 x 2 inches

What is 2 inch photo size?

The equivalents of a 2 x 2 inches size photograph are: 51 x 51 milimeters photograph (i.e. photo’s width 51 mm and height 51 mm)

What is the size passport size photo?

2 x 2 inches

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