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How to change your instagram photo

How do I change my pic in Instagram?

Instagram Help Center

Go to your profile and tap Edit Profile. Tap Change Profile Photo. Select where you’d like to import your picture from. Tap Done (iOS), Next (Android) or Save (mobile browser).

Can you change the photo on an Instagram post?

The answer is No. You cannot add or change the photo’s filter on Instagram once published since the filter you have chosen the picture. … And post a new photo with the filter you are choosing. But if the original picture has got likes and comments, we suggest you post another picture later with filters.

How do I change my profile on Instagram?

To update your profile information, including your username and email address associated with your account:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Type in your information and tap Done (iPhone), (Android) or Submit (computer and mobile browser).

Why can’t I change my instagram picture?

Delete your profile picture, log out of your Instagram account, and then log in again and try uploading your Instagram profile picture. Select your Instagram profile picture, click ”edit profile” and then ”submit”. … Reopen your Instagram app and try uploading your profile picture again.

Why can’t I edit my Instagram post?

It’s possible to edit posts on Instagram, even though many other social media apps don’t allow for editing. You can edit an Instagram post to update your caption, tag people, add a location, and change its alt text. Here’s what you need to know to edit a post you’ve already added to your Instagram profile.

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Can you delete a photo in a series on Instagram?

For those who want to delete an Instagram post with multiple images, the process is just the same as it is for Instagram posts with a single image. Open the post containing the images you want to delete. Select the three-dot menu icon in the top right of the screen. Select “Delete” and confirm.

Can I crop an Instagram photo after posting?

After you’ve uploaded or taken a new photo, you can crop it. To crop a photo: Tap Edit, then tap Adjust . … Then move the photo and adjust how it fits within the frame.

How do you update a post on Instagram?

Instagram Help Center

To add, edit or delete a caption: Tap (iPhone) or (Android) above your photo or video. Tap Edit. Edit, delete or add a caption to your post, then tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).

How do I make my Instagram profile more attractive?

  1. Create the Perfect Bio. Before anything, you first need to make sure your Instagram bio is attractive. …
  2. Produce Interesting Content. …
  3. Post regularly. …
  4. Identify Top Hashtags. …
  5. Utilise Instagram Stories. …
  6. Take Advantage of Instagram Highlights. …
  7. Cross Promote with Friends and Influencers. …
  8. Go Live on Instagram.

How do I go to my profile on Instagram?

Get to your profile by tapping . On the web, you can also view your profile by going to[username]. Learn more about Profile.

Can I change my Instagram profile picture without anyone knowing?

No, unlike Facebook it doesn’t show when you change your profile picture. The only thing that can be seen on the feed is posts. And after ever 4 or 5 posts there’ll be an ad. So feel free to mess around with your bio or profile picture without announcing it to the whole world 😉

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Why can’t I change my username on Instagram 2019?

If you edit your username and still see your old username within the app, you’re likely experiencing a caching issue. … If you’d like the old username to disappear immediately, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to clear your cache. source: My new username isn’t appearing.

Why can’t I change my profile picture?

If you’re having trouble changing your profile picture, here are some things you can try: If you’re using the Facebook mobile app, make sure you’re using the latest version. If you’re using the Facebook mobile app, close out of the app and reopen.

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