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How to judge a photo contest

What do photo contest judges look for?

Originally Answered: What does the judge of a “photography contest” look for while selecting winners? The role of a judge is to be an outsider—someone who doesn’t know the photographers or their previous works. They can be as objective or subjective as they like, and everyone agrees to abide by the judge’s decisions.

How do you judge a picture?

Personally, I use the following guidelines to judge a photograph:

  1. Impact.
  2. Light.
  3. Story.
  4. Technical quality.
  5. Creativity.
  6. Composition.
  7. Interests.
  8. Use of colors.

How do you judge a contest?

Creating a judging criteria.

  1. Distribute the judging criteria equally and in a way that it has an equal emphasis on the audience.
  2. Talk to the sponsor and set the rules o the contest in line with his or her goals.
  3. The basis on which each and every entry in the contest will be judged should be stated absolutely clearly.

How do you critique an image?

Here Are Five Things One Should Look Into When Giving Critique on Photographs:

  1. Critique With the Intention to Help. There is no better way to critique than with good intentions. …
  2. Give a “Why” When Commenting on Technique. …
  3. Avoid Personal Bias. …
  4. Avoid Altering the Message. …
  5. Avoid Short Statements That Offer No Direction.

How do you win a photo contest?

How to Win a Photography Competition

  1. Know and Follow the Competition Rules. image by hmmlargeart. …
  2. Stick to the Theme of the Competition. …
  3. Do Some Research. …
  4. Avoid Cliches and Stand Out. …
  5. Aim for Technical Brilliance. …
  6. Avoid Distracting Elements. …
  7. Go for a Reaction. …
  8. Enter Another Competition.
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What makes a winning photo?

A winning photograph has something in it that goes beyond the ordinary, some emotion or connection that resonates with a judge or with any viewer. Look for the extraordinary in your photography, look for something different or unique, go beyond the normal limits and your photograph will shine among the competition.

What are the 7 elements of photography?

The 7 principles of art and design are balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement. Use the elements of art and design – line, shape/form, space, value, color and texture – to create a composition as a whole.

What is a good photo?

There are many elements in photography that come together to make an image be considered “good”. Elements like lighting, the rule of thirds, lines, shapes, texture, patterns, and color all work well together to add interest and a great deal of composition in photographs.

What are the criteria for judging beauty contest?

Contestants will be judged based on their intelligence, sincerity, honesty and good diction.

  • Beauty.
  • Poise.
  • Stage Presence.
  • Overall Appearance.
  • Casual Wear.
  • Interview (4 and Up) – Contestants will be scored on their interview abilities that are appropriate for their age and maturity level. …
  • Formal Wear.

What is the best way to judge Rangoli?

Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.

  1. Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.
  2. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.
  3. Overall impression of the art. …
  4. Poor color or image quality. …
  5. Sloppiness. …
  6. Incomplete or poorly written submission materials.
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What is criteria for judging?

Judging criteria are referred to as the various pointers that a judge or jury of judges evaluates the entries on. Having a set of judging criteria is important to make sure that the best entry wins.

How do you judge the best out of waste?

Criteria for judging (5mks each) : actual waste element of the raw material used, innovation and creativity, usability / practicality of the object made, presentation to the judges, team work, timely completion.

How do I write on a photo?

How to write about a photograph

  1. TitleWrite down the title of the work , the name of the photographer and the date that it was made.
  2. First impression / Content. What first strikes you about the picture; what gives it its impact? …
  3. Visual qualities. …
  4. Intention. …
  5. Context.

How do you critique?

How to write a critique

  1. Study the work under discussion.
  2. Make notes on key parts of the work.
  3. Develop an understanding of the main argument or purpose being expressed in the work.
  4. Consider how the work relates to a broader issue or context.

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