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How to photo etch

Do you paint photo etched parts?

Photoetched parts can be painted using the same basic preparation that is used on a plastic part. Here is an endplate after being scuffed with a fine-grit sanding cloth. One of the nice things about photoetched parts is that they are metal, so any type of paint can be used on them.

What is photo etch?

Photo etching, also known as chemical etching or metal etching, is a highly precise, tightly controlled corrosion process used to produce complex metal components with very fine detail.

What are photo etched parts for models?

Photoetched parts are tiny metal parts made (etched) by photochemical process from a sheet of thin metal. The process allows etching the metal all the way through, or only on the surface with high precision to get very small and accurate flat parts of almost any shape and form.

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