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How to take a tumblr photo

How do you make Tumblr pictures?

Official Tumblr App

Tap the Pencil icon, and then tap the Camera icon to add a photo; you can choose from one in your phone’s storage or take a new photo. Add tags and a caption, if desired, and then post it to your Tumblr feed. You can’t edit the actual image within the Tumblr app itself.

How do you post a picture on Tumblr mobile?

In the mobile apps, you can post photos in a couple of ways. You can: Insert a photo when making a post, simply by tapping the camera icon and then taking or selecting your photo. You can also pick a recent photo from your camera roll by tapping any photo you see in the media picker at the bottom of the post.

How do you put pictures side by side on Tumblr?

All you have to do is drag one of the images to the other one’s side. Once I have added two photos.. I can drag them to my liking, such as side by side. Hope this helps!

What do I do with unwanted photos?

I simply rip them up and put them in the bin. Not in the recycling bin, though, because the toxic chemicals used in the printing process mean that old photos are classified as hazardous waste. They have to go in the regular trash that goes to landfill or incineration.

How do I take an aesthetic photo at home?

10 Tips for Taking Aesthetic Pictures

  1. Start with a Strong Composition. …
  2. Keep the Platform in Mind. …
  3. Create a Style. …
  4. Pick a Story-telling Theme. …
  5. Focus on Details or Change Angles. …
  6. Keep Lighting Simple. …
  7. Fake It ‘Til You Make It. …
  8. It’s Mostly Post-Production.
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What app does Kim Kardashian use to edit photos?

Apps like Perfect365, VSCO, and Huji Cam are a few photo editing and photo filter apps that you might want to use to help you add Kim Kardashian-esque effects to your photos. VSCO has several filters you can also add to a photo to give it a nostalgic vibe.

How do you make a photo look vintage aesthetic?

Here’s how to make your photos look vintage using Instasize.

  1. Apply retro filters. Giving your photos (whether taken on GoPro, DLSR or smartphone) that coveted retro feel doesn’t require too many different apps, or even technical know-how. …
  2. Play with grain. View this post on Instagram. …
  3. Adjust the settings.

Why are my tumblr pictures blurry 2019?

If more of your images are viewed on your individual page, check that your theme doesn’t use an image size larger than 500 pixels; scaling the image up can make the image appear blurry.

How do I put more than 10 pictures on Tumblr?

  1. A Tumblr photoset allows a maximum of 10 images.
  2. A photo post starts with a single image, to add more images to a post, click the ‘+ Add Another Photo’ button on the post page.

How do you post on the Tumblr app 2020?

How to Create a Text Post for Your Tumblr Blog

  1. Click the Text Post icon (a capital and lowercase letter A) on your Tumblr dashboard. Tumblr displays the Add a Text Post page.
  2. (Optional) Give your blog post a title in the Title field.
  3. Type the text of your blog post in the Post field. Use as much or as little text as you want.
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How do you put pictures side by side?


  1. Click on “Select Photos,” then select the first photo you want used. …
  2. Click on “Select Photos” again, then select the second photo you want used. …
  3. Place a checkmark next to “Margin between images,” if desired. …
  4. Click on “Join Photos.” Both images will be combined into one solo image.

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