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Which is the best usage of a close-up photo?

Which is the most accurate interpretation of the best evidence rule?

Which is the most accurate interpretation of the “best evidence rule”? Original notes are usually better than photocopies. Ideally, an officer should begin to take notes after she has arrived at the crime scene, after all evidence has been located (including witnesses), but before any arrests are made.

What should be photographed first at a crime scene?

The photography of the crime scene should begin with wide angle photos of the crime scene and surrounding areas. When shooting the general overall scene, the photos should show the layout of the crime scene and the overall spatial relationships of the various pieces of evidence to each other.

What types of investigations use surveillance photography?

Covert Photography. Photography is a common form of surveillance in criminal investigations. Police officers take photos of criminals from a hidden location or by following the suspect on foot.

What are the three photographic stages to document a crime scene?

It should set the stage for the beginning of the story. As such, there are three important ranges of photographs that are taken at the scene of a crime: overall photo- graphs, midrange/evidence-establishing photographs, and close-up/ comparison/examination photographs.

What are the five rules of evidence?

These five rules are—admissible, authentic, complete, reliable, and believable.

  • Admissible. This is the most basic rule and a measure of evidence validity and importance. …
  • Authentic. The evidence must be tied to the incident in a relevant way to prove something. …
  • Complete. …
  • Reliable. …
  • Believable.

What are the four characteristics of admissible evidence?

To be admissible in court, the evidence must be relevant (i.e., material and having probative value) and not outweighed by countervailing considerations (e.g., the evidence is unfairly prejudicial, confusing, a waste of time, privileged, or based on hearsay).

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What are the four methods of documenting a crime scene?

There are several methods of documentation: Notes, photography, sketches, and video are all important. Note taking is one of the most important parts of processing the crime scene.

What should be photographed first?

At major crime scenes impressions should be photographed before they are casted. Photography is done first because casting the impression will destroy the original impression and eliminate the ability to photograph the impression afterward.

What are the two main types of evidence?

There are two types of evidence — direct and circumstantial.

How do you know if you are under surveillance?

Confirming Physical Surveillance

Assume you’re under surveillance if you see someone repeatedly over time, in different environments and over distance. For good measure, a conspicuous display of poor demeanor, or the person acting unnaturally, is another sign that you might be under surveillance.

What are the three categories of surveillance?

For undercover officers, any unmasking of their identity and purpose may result in injury or death.

  • Electronic Monitoring. …
  • Fixed Surveillance. …
  • Stationary Technical Surveillance. …
  • Three-Person Surveillance. …
  • Undercover Operations.

What are the techniques of surveillance?

You can do surveillance with the use of different techniques which include the following.

  • Physical Surveillance. Long before technological advancement, surveillance was all about trusting the human eye. …
  • Audio Surveillance. …
  • Video Surveillance. …
  • Vehicular Surveillance.

What type of evidence are photographs?

Demonstrative Evidence

What are the methods of photographing the crime scene?

Experienced photographers often use a technique called “painting with light” to expose image details in dark or near-dark conditions. In this technique, the shutter is held open for seconds or minutes and the photographer walks through the scene adding light from sources such as a flashlight or detached camera flash.

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