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How do i fix my photo library on my mac

Why can’t I open my photo library on Mac?

If you’re experiencing other issues—like missing or blank photo thumbnails, unexpected behavior, or if Photos won’t open—try to see if it’s an issue with your library by following these steps. … Quit Photos. Press and hold the Option key while you open Photos. In the dialog that appears, click Create New.

How do you change photo library on Mac?

How to switch between Libraries in Photos for Mac

  1. Make sure that Photos is not open (quit if it is).
  2. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard.
  3. Double-click on Photos.
  4. Click on the name of the library you want to open.

How can I fix my Iphone photo library?

To repair a Photos library you select the library in the Finder. Then hold down the key combination option-command while you double click the library to open it. Keep holding down both keys firmly, until the repair dialog appears.

Why can’t I see all my photos on my Mac?

If you didn’t turn on iCloud Photos and you don’t see photos in the My Photo Stream album, follow these steps: Make sure that your Mac has an active Internet connection. … Then choose Preferences > iCloud (or Photo Stream). Make sure that My Photo Stream is selected.

How do I recover photos on my Mac?

How to recover deleted photos on Mac

  1. Open Photos.
  2. On the left hand sidebar, click Recently Deleted.
  3. Select the photos you’d like to recover.
  4. Click Recover in the top right corner.

Where is the system photo library on a Mac?

By default, your System Photo Library is stored in the Pictures folder on your Mac.

To do this:

  1. Hold down the option key on your keyboard.
  2. Double click on Photos.
  3. Click on the name of the library you want to open.
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Where are my photos stored on my Mac?

How to Access Where Photos Files Are Stored in Mac OS

  • Open the Finder in Mac OS and go to your home directory.
  • Go to the “Pictures” folder.
  • Locate the file named “Photos Library.photoslibrary”
  • Right-click (or Control+Click) on “Photos Library.photoslibrary” and choose “Show Package Contents”

How do I manage large photo library on Mac?

Hold the option (or alt) key when launching Photos and in the resulting menu you can create or choose between different libraries. The “weight” of a library (in gigs) is not that important. Using a back up utility you can set the library to only back up the changes, rather than the entire 130 gigs every time.

How do I repair permissions in my photo library?

To repair such issues, use the built in Repair library feature as explained in the steps below.

  1. Click on the Command + Option keys and open iPhoto.
  2. Press the keys until the Rebuild Photo Library dialog box appears.
  3. Click on Repair the iPhoto Library Database for the tool to repair the database and click on Rebuild.

How do I restore my iPhoto library?

Select the library in question in the library list in iPhoto Library Manager, then select the “Reveal Library in Finder” item from the “File” menu at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions on the following page to restore the backed up iPhoto library from Time Machine: Restore items backed up by Time Machine.

Why are my photos from iPhone not showing up on Mac?

Unplug your iPhone, and quit iPhoto/Photos as well as iTunes. Then plug the iPhone back and restart iPhoto/Photos. … If you enabled iCloud Photo Library on your Mac and iPhone your photos might already be on your computer. That’s why those photos do not show up in iPhoto.

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