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How to unshare a photo on facebook

Can you remove a shared photo on Facebook?

One of the most talked about ways to delete photos is to long press the photo in the chat thread and delete it. But this will only delete the content from your side. The other party will keep seeing it and you will also see them in the View Shared Photos section.

How can I stop someone from sharing my photo albums on Facebook?

How do I keep people from sharing my photos?

  1. Click on the Audience Selector for the photo or album.
  2. From the Privacy dropdown menu, select “Custom”
  3. Deselect “Friends of those tagged”

How do you remove people’s reactions on Facebook photos?

Unfortunately, the functionality to remove someone’s reaction to your post is not currently available. We’ll keep your suggestion in mind as we continue to improve Facebook.

Does deleting a Facebook post delete it everywhere?

If you delete any post from Facebook, it will be deleted permanently and no one can access or see this on Facebook. If anyone shared that post then they will a message “This content is no longer available”.

How do I delete shared photos?

To delete or unsubscribe from shared albums

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Tap on “Shared”
  3. Tap on “Edit”
  4. Tap on the “no entry” sign (⛔️) Tap on “Delete” for shared albums with from you. Tap on “Unsubscribe” for shared albums from someone else.
  5. Tap on “Done”

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How do I hide all photos on Facebook from public?

Photos Privacy

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.
  3. In the top left of your activity log, click Filter.
  4. Scroll to Photos & Videos and click the circle to select.
  5. Click Privacy: See all and select Privacy: Public. …
  6. Click Save Changes.
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How do I change my sharing settings on Facebook?

To select the audience for things your friends share on your timeline:

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  3. Click Timeline and Tagging in the left column.
  4. Next to the setting Who can see what others post on your Timeline? …
  5. Select an audience (example: Friends) from the dropdown menu.

How do I hide photos on Facebook app?

Hide a photo in a permanent album.

  1. Tap a built-in album.
  2. Tap a photo you want to hide.
  3. Tap … (iPhone) or ⋮ (Android).
  4. Tap Edit Privacy.
  5. Tap More, then tap Only me.
  6. Tap Done.

How do I remove someone’s reaction from my photo?

To delete someone’s reactions from your post:

  1. Tap on your photo/video > Tap.
  2. Long press on the reaction you don’t want on your photo/video.
  3. Select ‘Delete Reaction’
  4. The reaction will be permanently deleted.

Can I delete a reaction on Facebook?

How do I remove or change my reaction to a post or comment on Facebook? To change your reaction to a post or comment, hover over your current reaction (next to Comment and Share) and select a new one. To remove your reaction to a post or comment, click your current reaction.

How can I remove fake likes on Facebook photos?

Scroll to the Facebook profiles you want to remove and check the box next to their name (you can select several at a time). Click the wheel just above the list of names of People who Like this Page (right side next to Search box). Select Remove from Page Likes.

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Does Facebook notify you if they delete your post?

Facebook relies on artificial intelligence technology and reports from users to identify posts, photos, and other content that may violate its standards. … If Facebook removes something you posted for one of those reasons, it will notify you about the action and give you the option to request an additional review.

What happens if I delete a post from Facebook?

When you choose to delete something you shared on Facebook, we remove it from the site. Some of this information is permanently deleted from our servers; however, some things can only be deleted when you permanently delete your account.

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