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Diy photo bookmarks

How do you make a unique bookmark?

25 Creative DIY Bookmarks Ideas

  1. Cut out cute little owls out of cardboard. …
  2. Use tassel to tie cut out photos of your kids. …
  3. A little creative fabric makes a great book monster. …
  4. Place sticky notes on carboard. …
  5. Cut out paper in any shape you want and use some cardboard for background. …
  6. Heart-shaped bookmarks out of paper.

What can I use for a bookmark?

Top 10 Things I Use As A Bookmark

  • Check-out slip from the library.
  • Kleenex (clean) or even toilet paper (clean!)
  • Actual bookmark (usually one of the free ones you pick up on the counter at the library or Chapters or whatever)
  • A slip of paper ripped from a notepad or nearby magazine.
  • A Post-It Note.
  • An envelope.

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