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Fundus photography

What is fundus photography used for?

A digital fundus camera is used to take an image of the fundus — the back portion of the eye that includes the retina, macula, fovea, optic disc and posterior pole. A digital fundus camera normally consists of a camera with a specialized microscope attached.

What does fundus photo mean?

Retinal Fundus Photographs. Normal Fundus Photograph. Fundus photographs are visual records which document the current ophthalmoscopic appearance of a patient’s retina.

Is fundus photography necessary?

Fundus photography involves the use of a retinal camera to photograph the regions of the vitreous, retina, choroid, and optic nerve. … Fundus photographs are only considered medically necessary where the results may influence the management of the patient.

Why Fundus examination is done?

obtain a better view of the fundus of eye. Dilated fundus examination or dilated-pupil fundus examination (DFE) is a diagnostic procedure that employs the use of mydriatic eye drops (such as tropicamide) to dilate or enlarge the pupil in order to obtain a better view of the fundus of the eye.

What does a normal fundus look like?

Normal Fundus.

The disk has sharp margins and is normal in color, with a small central cup. Arterioles and venules have normal color, sheen, and course. Background is in normal color. The macula is enclosed by arching temporal vessels.

How much does a fundus camera cost?

How Much Does Retinal cameras Cost? The prices of some systems can be as low as 700 USD or less, while the newest, high-tier systems may cost as much as 30.000 USD.

What is color fundus photography?

The Fundus, or inner lining, of the eye is photographed with specially designed cameras through the dilated pupil of the patient. Color Fundus Photography is used to record the condition of these structures in order to document the presence of disorders and monitor their change over time. …

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What does Fundus examination mean?


Does Medicare cover fundus photography?

A Ophthalmic imaging is covered by Medicare subject to the limitations in its payment policies; other third party payers generally agree. Medicare covers fundus photography if the patient presents with a complaint that leads you to perform this test or as an adjunct to management and treatment of a known disease.

What does the fundus of the eye do?

The fundus of the eye is the interior surface of the eye opposite the lens and includes the retina, optic disc, macula, fovea, and posterior pole. The fundus can be examined by ophthalmoscopy and/or fundus photography.

What is a normal fundus?

The media are clear, providing a crisp view of the fundus. … The optic disc appears pink with sharp margins and a cup-to-disc ratio of approximately 0.35. The vasculature is normal in course and caliber.

What does fundus mean?

The part of a hollow organ that is across from, or farthest away from, the organ’s opening. Depending on the organ, the fundus may be at the top or bottom of the organ. For example, the fundus of the uterus is the top part of the uterus that is across from the cervix (the opening of the uterus).

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