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How to change the metadata of a photo

How do I change my image information?

Changing the Properties of an Image

  1. Place your mouse cursor anywhere on the image.
  2. Right-click, and select Image Properties from the menu. The image properties dialog is displayed (Figure). Image Dialog. …
  3. Specify or edit each image property as required: Image Info tab: URL: This is the URL of the image on the content server. …
  4. Click OK to close the dialog.

How do I change metadata?

How to Edit Metadata of an Image

  1. Locate the image file you wish to alter.
  2. Right-click it and select ‘Properties’ from the popup window.
  3. On the top of the new popup window, click the ‘details’ tab.
  4. Locate the type of metadata you would like to add or change. …
  5. When you are finished, click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’

How do I see the metadata of an image?

You can easily view picture metadata using Windows Explorer.

  1. Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the picture file that has the metadata you want to examine.
  2. Right-click the picture file. Click “Properties” from the context menu. Click the “Details” tab to display the picture metadata.

Can photo metadata be changed?

You can also modify any of the metadata with a simple computer command if you have the right software. … Photoshop and many other software packages let you edit certain parts of the EXIF data. You can add a caption, for example, or copyright information if you’re a professional photographer.

How do I change the date a picture was taken?

Changing the date of a specific photo

Right-click the photo you want to change the date for, then click [Properties]. Click the date or time of [Date taken] and enter a number, then press the [Enter] key. Date will be changed.

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Where is metadata stored?

Metadata can be stored in a variety of places. Where the metadata relates to databases, the data is often stored in tables and fields within the database. Sometimes the metadata exists in a specialist document or database designed to store such data, called a data dictionary or metadata repository.

Can I delete metadata files?

How to Delete Metadata in Windows Explorer. … Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the file you want to remove metadata from. Right-click on the file and click on Properties. In the Properties window, click on the Details tab then click on Remove Properties and Personal Information.

Can you edit Exif data?

Photo Exif Editor allows you to view, modify and remove the Exif data of your pictures. You can also change the location of picture to anywhere. In this case, Photo Exif Editor acts as Photo location changer, GPS photo viewer or Photo place editor. Or to remove/strip all Exif tags inside the photos.

How do I access metadata?

Go to the bottom of the right-click menu and click or tap Properties. You can also select the file and then press ALT+Enter on your keyboard. This will bring up the properties of the file, but go ahead and go to the Details tab to get into the nitty-gritty of the metadata.

How do I add metadata to a photo?

Add Metadata on a PC

On a PC, right-click on the image and select Properties. Rename the file in the main window [A]. Click the Details tab to add tags and keywords [B].

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How can I find details of an image?

Just tap and hold the image, and click on “Search Google for This Image.” But if you’re not using Chrome (and don’t want to) go to, the camera icon doesn’t show up in the search box, so you need another way to search an image.

Can you fake EXIF data?

Short answer: You can not. EXIF information is very easy to edit. Of course, as with any file or piece of information, one could think of a signature by a trusted author (photographer) which can be verified using a public key, but this has nothing to do with EXIF itself.

Can you change the timestamp on a photo?

Hi Sarah, You can change the date and time stamps for photos and videos using a computer. When you change the date and time of your photo, the edited date and time will appear in Google Photos. But if you share it to other apps or download it, it may show the original date and time saved by your camera.

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