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How to compliment a photo

How do you praise a photo?

The photo looks real! The great choice of background made the subject stand out. The photographer clearly made extra effort to capture this photo from the perfect angle. This perfectly-timed photo looks like it took a lot of patience and skill – definitely the work of a pro!

How do you say your beautiful in a picture?

You Look Beautiful

  1. You look great.
  2. You look hot!
  3. I think you’re hot.
  4. You’re heavenly!
  5. You’re very pretty!
  6. You look so radiant.
  7. I think you are gorgeous.
  8. You are so adorable.

How do you reply to nice pictures?

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I think the best response is a simple “Thank you.” If you have better photos than the ones they’re complimenting, you might even say, “Thanks – I’d love to show you some of my better work too.” But always be thankful for the compliment even if you don’t feel the work is as good as they think it is.

How do you compliment a hot picture?

5. Compliment her smile in her beautiful profile picture

  1. Your smile really makes me smile.
  2. You have the sweetest smile.
  3. Your special smile drives me crazy whenever I see you.
  4. Whenever you close your eyes while smiling, you look too cute.

What are some good quotes for pictures?

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” “Your first 1,000 photographs are your worst.” “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

How do you appreciate someone’s picture?

“You look great!” “Wow, you’re beautiful.” “Gorgeous, as always.” There are no other comments.

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How do you give good comments?

So here’s a hundred ready-made compliments to try out yourself:

  1. You’re an awesome friend.
  2. You’re a gift to those around you.
  3. You’re a smart cookie.
  4. You are awesome!
  5. You have impeccable manners.
  6. I like your style.
  7. You have the best laugh.
  8. I appreciate you.

How do you say looking beautiful?

Different ways to say You are beautiful:

  1. You look gorgeous!
  2. You look as pretty as always!
  3. You look drop dead gorgeous!
  4. I think you are very attractive!
  5. Wow, you are gorgeous!
  6. I think you are stunning!
  7. I think you are super cute!
  8. You look absolutely fantastic!

How can I describe a beautiful girl?

This entry should be the ultimate guide to describing a beautiful woman.

  • She had a shapely figure. FIGURE.
  • It was imp-thin. BODY.
  • She was wasp-waisted. WAIST.
  • She had glossy skin. COMPLEXION.
  • She had slender eyebrows. EYEBROWS.
  • Her eyelashes were velvety. EYELASHES.
  • She had sea-nymph ears. EARS.
  • She had a dainty nose. NOSE.

How do you compliment?

Read ahead for five ways to give a memorable compliment, and the best ways to respond to them, too.

  1. Give compliments right away. …
  2. Focus on the great find, not where it’s from. …
  3. Never ask someone if something is real. …
  4. Try to focus your flattery. …
  5. Make your compliment genuine and positive.

What to say after a girl calls you cute?

On those occasions where someone has called me cute, I will usually say something like:

  • Thank you!
  • Thank you! So are you.
  • You take that back! I’m not cute, I’m fierce!
  • My dear lady, are you flirting with me?
  • The cuteness is a facade to conceal my evil, evil heart.
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How do you praise someone beauty?

Great Compliments For Girls

  1. You are gorgeous.
  2. You are lovely.
  3. You do not need makeup. You are already so naturally beautiful.
  4. You are adorable.
  5. You are really cute.
  6. You are adorable.
  7. You look mesmerizing.
  8. You look prettier than a picture.

How do you comment on a crush picture?

It can be hard to figure out what to comment on your crush photo. You want to appear cool, but you also want to be noticed at the same time.

One-Word Comments

  1. Queen/King!
  2. Lit!
  3. Cute!
  4. Awesome.
  5. Gorgeous.
  6. Cool!
  7. Wonderful!
  8. Pretty/Handsome.

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How do you praise someone professionally?

Be professional.

  1. Consider the recipient. …
  2. Make sure your compliment is specific. …
  3. Be professional. …
  4. Example 1: “Nice job on your presentation.” …
  5. Example 2: “You’re a great communicator.” …
  6. Example 3: “I love your confidence.” …
  7. Example 4: “You ask insightful questions.” …
  8. Example 5: “You’re very creative.”

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