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What does photo flo do

What is the purpose of photo Flo?

This 16 oz bottle of Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution is a wetting agent used to minimize water marks or streaks during film development. It is used after the final wash when processing films to decrease the water-surface tension and promote faster, more uniform drying.

Can you reuse photo Flo?

There is no chemical reaction taking place when you use PhotoFlo. The surfactant action simply breaks the surface tension of the water on the film so that it wets evenly to avoid drying spots. You can absolutely reuse it.

How do you use hypo clearing agent?

Hypo Clearing Agent 1 to 2 minutes Agitate continuously for the first 30 seconds and then at 30-second intervals. 6. Water Wash 5 minutes after Hypo Clearing Agent OR 20 to 30 minutes without Hypo Clearing Agent step Remove the top from the tank.

Do you need photo Flo?

Photo-flo helps prevent the water spots by reducing the surface tension of the water and acting as a neutral detergent. Since you don’t want to try to polish the water spots off of negatives the way you would off a wine glass, photo-flo is a good choice. … It also helps smooth out airbrushing water-based paints.24 мая 2013 г.

How do you clean 35mm negatives?

7. Your 10 Action Steps – Do This Right Now

  1. Make sure your work area is clean and well ventilated.
  2. Use Isopropyl alcohol that’s 98% or more.
  3. Use lint-free cloth or cotton swabs.
  4. Handle your negatives with lint-free gloves.
  5. Don’t dip the negative film in the alcohol.
  6. Dab a little alcohol on the cloth or swab.
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How do you mix Photo Flo?

For every 200 mL of water in the graduate, pull 1 mL of Photo-Flo 200 concentrate out of the bottle with a syringe (sans needle). Put the concentrate into the graduate, stir. Cover the graduate and dunk film into it on a dunk rod. For sheet film, I put it in a tray.

How do you use Ilfotol?

To prepare your wetting agent, dilute Ilford Ilfotol 1+200. That means one part Ilfotol to two-hundred parts water. The dilution is the same for both paper and film. Make sure you mix together thoroughly before use.

What is Hypoclear?

The Photographer’s Formulary Hypo Clear Agent aids in the archival process It removes the residual fixer in film and paper. … Hypo Clear does not decrease the total number of ions absorbed on the paper, it merely exchanges those ions originally on the film or paper with those of Hypo Clear.

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