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What to wear for residency application photo

What should I wear for my eras photo?

ERAS Application Photo Tips

-Do not wear your white coat. -If you wear glasses, wear them in your photo. -For women, if you have long or medium length hair wear it down. -Do not wear anything distracting such as busy patterns or large pieces of jewelry.

How do I make my residency application stand out?

5 Ways to Stand Out to Residency Programs

  1. Apply for away rotations. Working an away rotation gives the faculty a chance to see you in action. …
  2. Gain research experience. …
  3. Become a leader in student organizations. …
  4. Pursue a dual degree. …
  5. Be a medical volunteer.

How do I improve my residency application?

5 Tips to Improve Your Residency Application

  1. View the Tutorial. ECFMG experts guide you step-by-step through The U.S. Residency Application Process tutorial.
  2. Get Personal. Personal statements allow you to express who you are and why you are applying for residency. …
  3. Ask Early and Ask the Right Person. …
  4. Do Your Research. …
  5. Consider the Data.

How do I upload a picture to eras?

Steps for submitting your Photograph via OASIS

  1. Log in to ECFMG’s OASIS.
  2. Click on the link for ERAS Support Services.
  3. Select Upload Photograph.
  4. Click the Browse button to select the photograph file from your device.
  5. Click Upload to upload the photograph.

Can you add programs after submitting eras?

You cannot apply to programs until your application is certified and sent (submitted). Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make any changes to it or update any information on your MYERAS APPLICATION. … Submitting your ERAS application is like placing a written application in the mailbox.

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Can I edit my personal statement after submitting eras?

You may only change document assignments prior to applying to a program. This applies to all document types except Personal Statements. Personal Statement assignments can be changed at any time throughout the season, even after applying to programs.

Is getting into residency hard?

Yes, it is hard to get into residency programs. The residencies, Radiology, Surgery, OB/GYN and Orthopedics have been a tough entry for the IMG. (Horvath, 2005). However, it is comparatively easier to Match in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Primary Care and Neurology.

What makes a good pharmacy resident?

The most critically important subjective characteristics in defining a successful resident as ranked among PGY1 residency programs are dependability, professionalism, self-motivation/initiative, and work ethic.

How do I decide on a residency application?

Choosing a Residency That’s Right for You

  1. Location, Location, Location. The location of your residency should be compatible with your lifestyle (and your family’s lifestyle if you are married or have children). …
  2. Know What the Specialities are Really Like. …
  3. Make it a Good Fit. …
  4. Narrow Down Your Choices. …
  5. Get to Know the Specific Residency to Which You are Applying.

Is Step 3 required for residency?

In most states, you need to pass Step 3 before the third year of your residency program, which can be a challenge as you balance residency program requirements, personal responsibilities, and adjusting to life in the United States.

How much is a residency application?

Fees for ERAS Residency ApplicationsPrograms Per SpecialtyApplication FeesUp to 10$9911 – 20$16 each21 – 30$20 each31 or more$26 each

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How do I write a residency resume?

6 steps for building a competitive CV

  1. Start by reviewing other CVs. …
  2. Keep your language understated and simple. …
  3. Use strong verbs and “gapping” to write job descriptions. …
  4. Name-drop when appropriate. …
  5. Include a note about references. …
  6. Organize important information. …
  7. Explore more student-friendly tips for applying to residency.

How do I make a picture 100 KB?

How to resize the image to 100kb or the size you want?

  1. Upload your image using the browse button or drop your image in the drop area.
  2. visually crop your image.By default, it shows actual file size. …
  3. Apply rotate 5o left right.
  4. Apply flip horingental or vertically.
  5. Input your target image size in KB.

How long should my personal statement be for eras?

The personal statement can be no longer than one typed page on the ERAS system. This usually corresponds to a document between 750 and 850 words.

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