How do you say photo in spanish

Can you send me a pic in Spanish?

send me a pic

– I want to see it! Send me a pic! Hoy encontré un vestido de novia. – ¡Quiero verlo!

What is image in Spanish?

[ˈɪmɪdʒ ] 1. ( also Literature, Religion) (= representation, symbol) imagen f.

Is photo in Spanish masculine or feminine?

Yes, that’s right: foto is an abreviation of fotografía or fotografías (both with “f”) and therefore corresponding to the general clue saying “feminine when ending in A and masculine when ending in O.” But I’m sure you’re aware that this rule has many exceptions like LA mano, EL taxista.

How do you say selfie in Spanish?

Fundéu recommended the word autofoto as a Spanish alternative for selfie. The word autofoto, formed by the prefix auto– and the noun foto as a colloquial abbreviation of fotografía (photograph) can adequately replace the English selfie.

What’s your WhatsApp number in Spanish?

¿Cuál es tu número de WhatsApp?

what isqué esyourtu suWhatsAppWhatsApp wasapearnumberel número

Do you use WhatsApp in Spanish?

WhatsApp is available in over 40 languages on iPhone and up to 60 on Android. WhatsApp follows the language of your phone. For example, if you change the language of your phone to Spanish, WhatsApp will automatically be in Spanish.

What is the Spanish word for style?

Spanish Translation. estilo. More Spanish words for style. el estilo noun. design, look, manner, stylus, stroke.

How do you remember gender in Spanish?

Pair words with adjectives as a memorization aid.

Another way to help remember the genders of new words is to pair each word with an adjective that you can remember easily. Then you only have to recall the adjective to remember the gender of the word.

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What does fomo mean in Spanish?

[ˈfəʊməʊ] noun abbreviation. (= fear of missing out) miedo m a quedarse al margen.

Is capital masculine or feminine?

Very similar to English, Spanish uses the same word “capital” to mean different things. “La capital”, as a feminine noun, means capital as in a city. This is what you would use if you were talking about the capital city of a country. “El capital”, as a masculine noun, means capital as in finance and economics.19 мая 2020 г.

What is another word for Selfie?

What is another word for selfie?pictureimagephotophotographshotportraitsnapstillsnapshotframe

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