How to caption a photo on instagram

Can you caption individual photos on Instagram?

Currently, you can only add one caption per post, including a multiple-image post. However, there are creative ways to work around this and tell a story with text, images, and videos. Upload photos or graphics that include text that drives the viewer to swipe to the next image in the post and continue reading.

How do you caption a photo?

6 tips for writing photo captions

  1. Check the facts. …
  2. Captions should add new information. …
  3. Always identify the main people in the photograph.
  4. A photograph captures a moment in time. …
  5. Conversational language works best. …
  6. The tone of the caption should match the tone of the image.

15 мая 2017 г.

How do you write on your pictures on Instagram?

To add a caption to your photo or video:

  1. Tap at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Take a photo or video or choose one from your phone’s library.
  3. Tap Next. You can also add effects or filters.
  4. Tap Next again, and then tap Write a caption…
  5. Enter your caption and tap OK > Share (iPhone) or Share (Android).

What is a carousel post on Instagram?

Today, Instagram launches the ability to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos as a single carousel post that friends can swipe through. … Users can then edit up to 10 photos and videos individually or with a single filter on everything, chooe their order, and tag friends in each.

Can I rearrange my posts on Instagram?

Drag and Drop to Design and Rearrange Your Instagram Feed

Want to switch it up, swap out a photo, or rearrange photos to get the right look and feel for your feed? Just tap on your post in grid view, drag and drop your scheduled posts, and press save when you’re done!

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How do you credit a photo caption?

Captions should be complete sentences that present the who, what, where, when, and (sometimes) why without necessarily stating the obvious. Target length for captions is no more than two short sentences. You should include a photo credit to acknowledge the person who took the photo or the image source.

How do I write a photo description?

from the background to the foreground (or from the foreground to the background)


  1. name of artist and picture, year of origin (if known)
  2. short description of the scene ( e. g. place, event)
  3. details (who / what can you see)
  4. impression on the viewer.
  5. artist’s intention.
  6. perspective, colours, forms, proportions etc.

What should I Caption my post?

IG Captions

  • Life is the biggest party you’ll ever be at.
  • An apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough.
  • Give second chances but not for the same mistake.
  • Never sacrifice three things: family, love, and or yourself.
  • I’m an original and that’s perfection in itself.
  • You can’t dull my sparkle ✨

How do you add effects on Instagram?

Instagram Help Center

  1. Tap in the top left of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in feed.
  2. Swipe left at the bottom of the screen and select an effect. To see effects from independent creators, swipe all the way to the left and tap .
  3. Tap to take a photo or tap and hold to take a video.

How do you write quotes on Instagram?

Part 1: Best 10 apps to easily create Quotes for Instagram

  1. Image Quote.
  2. Text2Pic.
  3. Quotes Creator.
  4. Quote Maker.
  5. Text on Photo Square.
  6. Jusgramm.
  7. Textgram.
  8. PicLab.
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How do you write on top of a picture on Instagram?

Tap the camera icon or swipe right from anywhere. Tap capture button to take a photo, or tap and hold to record a video. Alternatively, choose a photo from your phone’s library or gallery. Tap the pencil, letters, or stickers icon to draw or add text or a sticker.

How do you post carousel on Instagram?

The first thing you’ll need to do is launch the Instagram app (iOS | Android).

  1. Create a new Instagram post. Tap the plus sign. …
  2. Select photos and videos. Choose up to 10 photos and videos to include in your Instagram post. …
  3. Add a filter to Instagram carousel posts. Tap on next. …
  4. Write the caption for your Instagram post.

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