How to change color in photoshop

How do I change the color of a shape in Photoshop?

To change a shape’s color, double-click the color thumbnail on the left in the shape layer or click the Set Color box on the Options bar across the top of the Document window. The Color Picker appears.

How do I change the color of an object without Photoshop?


  1. Go to and upload your photo.
  2. Select the brush with the arrow. This is color replace tool.
  3. Select the color you want to change your object to by clicking the circle at the bottom of the toolbar.
  4. Paint over the object to change it’s color!
  5. You will likely have to play with the settings on the top bar.

How do I change the color of an image in Photoshop cs6?

How to Switch Colors with Replace Color in Photoshop CS6

  1. Choose Image→Adjustments→Replace Color. …
  2. Choose either Selection or Image: …
  3. Click the colors you want to select. …
  4. Shift-click or use the plus (+) Eyedropper tool to add more colors.
  5. Press the Alt key (Option key on the Mac) and click, or use the minus (–) Eyedropper tool and click, to remove colors.

How can I change the color of a picture?

Change the color of a picture

  1. Click the picture that you want to change.
  2. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Color. …
  3. Do one of the following: …
  4. Optionally, you can fine-tune the intensity of your color change by clicking Picture Color Options, or you can customize your own color by clicking More Variations > More Colors.
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How do I recolor a layer in Photoshop?

Then choose IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS>HUE/SATURATION (or CMD+U) to open up the Hue/Saturation adjustment. Next adjust the sliders to recolor the garment. You can also choose Colorize so that all pixels change to the same hue. Just make sure you have the Garment SELECTED, or it will recolor the entire layer.

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