How to change photo on youtube

How do you change your pic on YouTube?

Change Your Profile Picture on YouTube in a Browser

  1. Go to in a computer’s browser.
  2. Click your YouTube profile picture, in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click My channel.
  4. Click your profile picture.
  5. Click EDIT.

Why can’t I change my YouTube picture?

You Need To Change It From Your Google Account. For Example – Go To Your Google Profile And Change Your Google Profile Picture. Then, Simply Go Back To The Youtube App And The Profile Picture Changes. It’s That Simple!

How do I change my YouTube picture on mobile?

Changing Your YouTube Profile Picture on a Mobile Device

  1. From the YouTube app, tap on your profile picture then tap on ‘Help and Feedback’
  2. The ‘About Me’ section will open and give you access to your profile image.
  3. Now you are on the about me section, where you can tap on your profile picture and update.

How do I change the cover photo on my YouTube channel?

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select your profile picture Your Channel.
  3. Select Customize channel. …
  4. Upload an image or photo from your computer or saved photos. …
  5. You’ll see a preview of how the art will appear across different devices. …
  6. Click Select.

How do I put a picture on my YouTube channel?


  1. Log-in to your YouTube account. …
  2. Click the icon in the upper-right corner. …
  3. Click. …
  4. Click Edit on Google. …
  5. Click the. …
  6. Click Upload Photo. …
  7. Select a photo and click Open. …
  8. Click Done.

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