How to take a photo of your screen

How do you take a picture of your screen?

Hold down the power and volume-down buttons for a couple of seconds. Hold down the power key until a screen appears and tap Take screenshot.

What programs allow you to take a picture of your screen?

10 Best Screen Capture Software Tools in 2020 for Better…

  • #1) Snagit.
  • #2) Wondershare DemoCreator.
  • #3) VideoProc.
  • #4) Camtasia.
  • #5) Snipping Tool.
  • #6) FastStone Capture.
  • #7) Jing.
  • #8) Skitch.

How do I take a screenshot of a portion of my screen?

To Take a Screenshot of Part of Your Screen

Press “Windows + Shift + S”. Your screen will appear grayed out and your mouse cursor will change. Click and drag on your screen to select the part of your screen you want to capture. A screenshot of the screen region you selected will be copied to your clipboard.

How do you make a screenshot on an iPhone?

If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll find that taking a screenshot is a very simple operation. Press the side button and the volume-up button simultaneously. (Note: if you have an iPhone that has a Home button, you need to press the side button and the Home button instead.) Tap on the image to make it larger.

How do you take a screenshot of text messages?

Tap the power/standby button (I know, it will capture the message board). While still holding the back button, tap the message thread you wish to capture. The message thread should now pull up. Press the power/standby button again, and *click”, you have your screen capture!

What is the best free screen capture software?

The best free screen recorders at a glance

  1. OBS Studio. The best screen recorder for any software, including games. …
  2. FlashBack Express. Ideal for recording games and capturing footage from a webcam. …
  3. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. …
  4. Debut Video Capture. …
  5. ShareX. …
  6. Screencast-O-Matic.
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What’s the best free screen capture software?

Top 10 Screen Recorder Tools for 2020

  1. OBS Studio. OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free screen video recorder that offers both recording and streaming in high definition, with no limits on the length of your videos. …
  2. Apowersoft Unlimited. …
  3. Screencast-O-Matic. …
  4. AceThinker. …
  5. ScreenFlow. …
  6. Screencastify. …
  7. Bandicam. …
  8. Filmora Scrn.

What is the best screenshot app?

And here’s a list of the best apps for taking screenshots in order of performance:

  • Lightshot.
  • Marker.
  • Tinygrab.
  • Camtasia.
  • Greenshot.
  • Screenie.
  • CleanShot.
  • Skitch.

Where does Windows screenshot save to?

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen in Windows 10

  1. Press Windows key + Print Screen.
  2. Now go to the Pictures library on your computer by launching Explorer (Windows key + e) and in the left pane click Pictures.
  3. Open the Screenshots folder here to find your screenshot saved here with the name Screenshot (NUMBER).

Where do my screenshots go?

The screenshots taken on Android with the built-in tools are always saved as image files. The files are stored in the Pictures/Screenshot folder (or DCIM/Screenshot). Depending on your version of Android, you can find an album with the screenshots in the Photos apps.

How do you take a screenshot in zoom?

Sign in to the Zoom mobile app. Open the chat where you need to send the screenshot, image or file.


  1. Tap the plus sign (+).
  2. Tap Photo Album.
  3. Tap the images you want to send.
  4. Tap Done.

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How do you screenshot on iPhone without home button?

“You can take a screenshot without the assistive touch menu appearing. First you press the white button and the button on the right should say device. Click device. Then it takes you to another menu, press the ‘more’ button and then there should be a button saying ‘screenshot’. ”

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