Is this a photo of a spiral galaxy or an elliptical galaxy, and how do you know?

What is the major difference between an elliptical galaxy and a spiral galaxy quizlet?

The major difference between spiral and elliptical galaxies is that elliptical galaxies lack a significant disk component, although both types have the halo component. You just studied 32 terms!

What is an elliptical galaxy look like?

An elliptical galaxy is a type of galaxy with an approximately ellipsoidal shape and a smooth, nearly featureless image. … Stars found inside of elliptical galaxies are on average much older than stars found in spiral galaxies.

Is the shape of the Milky Way spiral or elliptical?

The concentration of stars in a band adds to the evidence that the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. If we lived in an elliptical galaxy, we would see the stars of our galaxy spread out all around the sky, not in a single band.

Can an elliptical galaxy evolve into a spiral?

We know this because spiral galaxies rotate quickly (on an astronomical scale), while elliptical galaxies do not. There is no way that an elliptical galaxy could spontaneously begin rotating, so there is no way an elliptical galaxy could turn into a spiral galaxy.

What is the most accurate way to determine the distance to a very distant galaxy?

For more-distant galaxies, astronomers rely on the exploding stars known as supernovae. Like Cepheids, the rate at which a certain class of supernovae brighten and fade reveals their true brightness, which then can be used to calculate their distance.

Why is a dense cloud more likely to produce an elliptical galaxy than a spiral galaxy quizlet?

Why is a dense cloud more likely to produce an elliptical galaxy than a spiral galaxy? The higher gas density forms stars more efficiently, so all the gas is converted into stars before a disk can form. … Galaxies were closer together in the past because the universe was smaller.

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How old is a elliptical galaxy?

The oldest stars in any galaxy all have about the same age of around 13 billion years. This means that spirals form as spirals, ellipticals form as ellipticals, and irregulars form as irregulars.

How does galaxy look like?

Some galaxies are spiral-shaped like ours. They have curved arms that make it look like a pinwheel. Other galaxies are smooth and oval shaped. They’re called elliptical galaxies.

Are elliptical or spiral galaxies older?

Ellipticals are old. The stars that live within them are among the oldest in the universe. Unlike their spiral cousins, elliptical galaxies have shut down their star formation engines.

Why is our galaxy a spiral?

Astronomers believe that galaxies have spiral arms because galaxies rotate – or spin around a central axis – and because of something called “density waves.” … A spiral galaxy’s rotation, or spin, bends the waves into spirals. Stars pass through the wave as they orbit the galaxy center.

How many stars are in a spiral galaxy?

Explanation: Estimate of stars varies from 200 billion to 400 billion. Milky way is a barred spiral.

Does the Milky Way have spiral arms?

The Milky Way has four main spiral arms: the Norma and Cygnus arm, Sagittarius, Scutum-Crux, and Perseus. The Sun is located in a minor arm, or spur, named the Orion Spur. The galactic disk itself is about 100,000 light years across, and the bar at the center is estimated to be about 27,000 light years long.

Why can’t the evolution of galaxies go from elliptical to spiral?

Elliptical galaxies contain no visible gas and dust, and lack hot, bright stars while spiral galaxies contain gas and dust and hot, bright O and B type stars. So, it`s not possible for one of these types of galaxies to evolve to become the other type, whose constituents are very different.

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What is an example of a spiral galaxy?

Most spirals are luminous. Some other examples of spiral galaxies are M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) and M33 (a small spiral in the Local Group). Some disk galaxies have no spiral arms and are called “S0” (“SB0” if there is a bar) or lenticular galaxies.

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