The library of congress used which photo sharing website

Which photo sharing website was first used by the White House official photographer?


What is a worry that companies may have about sharing photos quizlet?

What is a worry that companies may have about sharing photos? Trade secrets may be uncovered through the images they share.

Which of the following is the original social photo sharing site?


Is a photo sharing site and a social network?

T/F Photo sharing sites are a form of social networks. … What is a photo sharing site? A website that allows users to upload photos for public or private viewing.

What was the first photo sharing site?

One of the earliest photo sharing sites was Ofoto. Launched in 1999 and acquired by Kodak in 2001, it was later renamed Kodak EasyShare Gallery. As of 2020, Google Photos, Flickr, Photobucket and Shutterfly are examples of major photo sharing sites.

What is the Aeiou rule for developing video content?

What is the AEIOU rule for developing video content? Video should be authentic, entertaining, intimate, offbeat and unusual. … Video can engage viewers as it provides more stimuli than other forms of communication.

What was the first microblogging service?


What is the primary lesson behind the United breaks guitars case?

What is the primary lesson behind the United Breaks Guitars case study? Companies must be active in monitoring their brands online in order to respond in a timely manner to customer issues.

What are the three steps a social media marketer should take when taking responsibility for a mistake?

What are the three steps a social media marketer should take when taking responsibility for a mistake? Acknowledge the situation and take responsibility. Apologize and identify what resolution is needed. Act or implement resolution or identifies changes and let the affect individual know what is being done.

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What is photo sharing social media?

It’s quite straight forward really. Instead of people publishing pictures in hard copy and exhibiting to friends over a cup of tea, photo sharing websites allow users to upload their images to share with their online friends, or indeed the entire web.

What is photo sharing on Iphone?

iCloud Photo Sharing is a feature in Apple’s Photos app that makes it easy to create a shared album and to invite other iCloud users to subscribe to it. You can also share the album as a Web page that anyone can see, even if they don’t have an iCloud account or use Apple devices.

What is meant by social media?

Social media is computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities. … Users engage with social media via computer, tablet or smartphone via web-based software or web application, often utilizing it for messaging.

What is the best photo sharing app?

The best photo storage and sharing sites today

  • Amazon Prime Photos. …
  • Apple iCloud. …
  • Adobe Portfolio. …
  • ImageShack. …
  • Photobucket. …
  • SmugMug. Lots of ecommerce tools for pro photographers. …
  • Dropbox. Generous photo storage, but no tagging or editing features. …
  • 11. Facebook. Free photo storage, but images get compressed.

Why would you use an online photo sharing service?

Photo-sharing services can help you to: show your product or service to potential customers. raise awareness of your brand. build closer relationships with customers.

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